Friday, April 15, 2011

Coffee Calm-Down

It's crazy. I've been playing guitar for about a decade now.

That's a crazy thought in and of itself. What's stranger to me now is that I've been playing on a stage in one form or another fairly consistent weekly basis and I rarely get nervous, yet here I am sipping on an iced caramel macchiato trying to calm my nerves down before I go to play for the annual Jazz Stroll in Downtown Enid.

The last time I remember specifically getting nervous was to record the Simple Words album but I don't recall times where I've been nervous to play live.

I know it's probably just because this is my first time playing a full set on my own. I won't be playing rhythm in a band and I won't have a drummer to keep me in time. I'll just have my guitars and myself. It's kind of nerve-wracking to be honest.

And then again it's kind of liberating. I used to complain to myself (and sometimes out loud) how hard it was when we introduced song after song after song for Saturday Night Service. We played a ton of different secular songs spanning different genres and decades. It stretched me as a guitar player to keep up and there were times where it worked and some weeks were a miss for me. But now I can look back and realize I have this huge list of songs and styles to work from as I work out a playlist. It's just instrumental stuff without vocals so I'll be throwing around different chord patterns and things I feel like but I'll be working with inspiration from everyone from U2 to Brad Paisley to John Mayer and even some jazz and blues progressions and Sean Gallagher Band originals.

It's a pretty fun mix and that's what makes it easier to deal with the nerves. I know once I start playing and focusing on the music and having fun with it then things will feel comfortable again. I take comfort in working on the things I'm most passionate about, just like tapping at this keyboard cranking out this blog post before I play.

Anyway, I gotta go before I'm late to set up.

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