Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pockets of Time like Sliced Almonds

Lately I feel like all of my free time is chopped in thin slivers and sprinkled throughout my schedule like sliced almonds in a spinach salad.

They're delicious but just a little small teaser when a can full of dry roasted almonds sounds so much better.

I had an unexpected free hour this morning when I left the house for work without realizing I had a later shift. I have an hour lunch right now that is quickly dissipating. A lot of my time lately feels like that lately. It's not usually this bad but it can get a little frustrating. I'm sure there are some parents rolling their eyes at me as their kids drain their free time to small drips from a tapped out faucet. I understand, I've got a lot fewer responsibilities to manage but I still find myself frustrated with little bits of time that just don't suffice to actual productive work.

Maybe this is just my wake-up to better time management or maybe I just needed to rant a bit but maybe you can relate to this post just a bit.

At least whenever you find time to read this. In the meantime, I gotta go. I'm out of time...


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ibmelodious said...

Story of my life...It's very challenging to relax or accomlish anything when your time is very "interrupted". You sort of feel like not starting anything because you know you won't be able to focus on it long enough. :0P