Sunday, April 17, 2011


This is going to have to be one of those super packed blog posts because there is just so much that's happened this weekend and I'm just going to cram it all in here.


The fun this weekend for me started on Friday night. Like I mentioned in the last post I played at Scribner's Gallery for the Jazz Stroll. I got a little head start on the 8 o'clock start time and my nerves settled quickly as I eased right back into the comfortability of simply playing my guitar. I jumped around between my acoustic and electric guitars and hit a whole range of styles and covers and just whatever I felt like playing.

It was fun.

Here's a picture.

A few hours later and my fingers were rubbed raw but I still had just as much energy as when I started. That is until I headed out for a little celebratory pizza with friends after. I made it through a few slices and half the movie before I crashed out.

I slept off the late night the next morning before heading out to check out the Red Dirt BBQ action going on downtown. I got there in time to see Riley Jantzen perform for a bit followed by the Sean Gallagher Band.

I went inside and grabbed a copy of the latest issue of Uncensored Magazine. It not only had the biographies I wrote about the different musicians playing the Red Dirt MusicFest but also featured a story about Melodie Lunday, a friend of mine who, according to the feature, has a job that rocks.

She actually has created her own little clothing line called Reborn Artwear. Be sure to check out her Facebook page. She's got pictures up of the t-shirts and tops she's designed. She uses a staining process that allows her to create really cool designs with logos and lettering. I picked one up for myself from her shop inside of G&P Bakery here in Enid but you can also order them online through her Etsy store.

She also set up a vendor booth at the Red Dirt BBQ so I stopped and visited with her for a little bit. Actually it was more like 3 or 4 different times but that's just because I did a lot of wandering around.

Eventually I packed up and headed home for a much needed nap ahead of Saturday Night Service which turned out to be a communion service. After the little teaser oyster cracker and vial of grape juice I headed home to prep for a real dinner.

My awesome friends pulled together to make a really fun dinner party. Shantel cooked up some steaks, Lyndsay baked up desserts, Ben bought the salad, and Zach brought himself. I threw in some waffle fries and baked beans and attempted to make garlic bread. Well the garlic bread turned out to be croutons after I miscalculated the heat of the broil setting on "high." I couldn't let it go to waste so it ended up sprinkled like croutons over Ben's salad.

Hey, at least I tried to cook, Ben!

I managed to redeem myself from the burnt toast by renting some Saturday Night Live DVD's. Will Ferrell was a hit and Jimmy Fallon ended up getting replaced by Napoleon Dynamite.

Altogether it's been a great weekend and I'm so thankful for all the opportunities to play music and hang out with friends and late night dinner parties with burnt toast and Napoleon Dynamite at midnight.


Melodie said...

You've got a great outlook on life, Eric..."When life gives you burnt toast, make croutons." ;0)

The next time you play Scribner's, the whole Lunday clan is going to show up and stay awhile. We're looking forward to it.

Ben Burleigh said...

Thanks for emphasizing the fact that I "bought" the salad, like it was no big deal or something. Do you how hard it is to find good salad and decide what to get that will please everybody?