Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blogathon Giveaway Details

Alright, here are the latest details on the prizes and how you can win them during the 24-Hour Blogathon!


The first prize is a Reborn Artwear gift certificate
This contest is open to anyone participating online. Winner will be chosen through photo submissions. It's really easy, you just need to send in a picture by posting it on the Follow Eric Facebook page or by emailing it to eric(at)followeric.com

What kind of picture?

Good question. And you don't get to know the answer until the Blogathon starts. After the kickoff at Scribner's, we'll announce the picture requirements. They'll be super easy but we want you to have fun and be creative with it. Creativity counts!

Thanks to Melodie Lunday for this awesome prize! Check her out on Facebook and her blog!


Second prize is from Sweet Nothings, a gourmet cupcake company here in Enid.
We will have a limited number of cupcakes to give out before Saturday Night Service at Enid First Assembly. Again, it's really easy, you just need to show up and ask for your cupcake prize pack before service starts at 6PM on Saturday, June 4th.

What's the catch?

Again, good question. You have to know the Magic Word! And no, it's not please. The secret word will be announced during the Blogathon this weekend. (Hint: @FollowEricBlog on Twitter) Those who know it can come claim their prize at Enid First. While supplies last that is...

Thank you Jasie Randol for making the Blogathon a lot sweeter! Check her out on Facebook and her blog, Know What I Mean?


Final prize is a copy of Craig Groeschel's latest book, Weird, from Ruth's Christian Bookstores.
I'm a little jealous of whoever wins this because I was really tempted to just keep it myself. But I'll have to give it away...

So how do I win it? 

Just show up! I'm giving this one away to someone who actually comes out to join us in person during the Blogathon. It doesn't matter when/where, but at some point just come up to either Ben or myself and tell us that you want to register to win. All we'll need is your name and contact info and you'll be registered for a chance to win. Simple as that!

Big, big thanks to Ruth's Christian Bookstores!


Hope you have fun with this and good luck!

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