Saturday, May 14, 2011

Late-night country music and IHOP

Not sure why I'm so awake right now. I'm certain the potful of IHOP coffee is not helping. It's slowly becoming Saturday morning and besides a little strain in my eyesight, I don't feel one bit tired. Maybe my body is just preparing itself for the upcoming 24-Hour Blogathon but right around 3AM I decided some coffee and french toast were in order. So I'm sitting out the last few hours of the dark in my own little booth, hoping my laptop battery lasts long enough to get me to daybreak.

There's a pretty decent mix of old and new country on the radio going on over the speakers. I'm really liking it. It's bounced between Keith Urban and old Reba and some Miranda Lambert and the group The Band Perry, whose name frustrates me.

In my new house I'm lucky to squeeze out a handful of channels out the rabbit ears tucked in the corner of the living room. Today I messed with every which angle and direction and knob but I can never get any more channels and even the ones I have are never very stable. One of the most stable channels is a country music station. It's basically like having a radio but with music videos. No reality shows or sitcoms and not too many commercials. Just a lot of good country music.

I haven't always been the biggest country music fan but it's definitely grown on me in the last few years. Thanks to my newfound Channel 25-2, I am growing more familiar with the newest country artists and deciding on some favorites.

I notice it has started influencing my guitar playing, especially acoustically. Or maybe I'm just recognizing the country influence that was already there. Either way, I've been playing a lot more acoustic guitar just for fun and in preparation for the blogathon, too. My fingers get beat up a lot worse than they ever did on electric guitar but that's just to be expected. I still enjoy playing both and love that I have my own place now that I can crank the amp a little hotter and play out whenever I want.

I also have the freedom to get up and go to IHOP at 3AM if I feel like it. Independence can be a good thing sometimes.

Alright, well I know I haven't said much but just felt like sharing a bit as it crosses half past 4AM.

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ibmelodious said...

I mostly think of Country as "old folks" music, but since I have about 10 years on you...I suppose I should change that perception. Still, I don't think I am ready to jump into the genre myself. ;0)