Friday, June 03, 2011

Blogathon: Guest blogger Leslee B, From the Stacks

What's a 24-Hour Blogathon without blogs?? Thanks to all the bloggers who are participating! We've just wrapped up a fun time at Scribner's Gallery and now we're recouping with some caffeine from Kaffee-Klatsch. Let's get started with some of the blogs!

Here's one from Leslee B. She blogs at From the Stacks and her contribution is answering YOUR questions submitted on her blog.

Some samples:

Q: Why do gnats always try to fly in your eyes?
A: UGH! I hate gnats. And what's up with the silent G? Is it really necessary? It's as annoying as the little flying bug itself. Read the rest on her blog...

Q: Who is your most fabulous friend?
A: I don't have just one most fabulous friend, but rather a small, elite group of friends. They are my GNO friends. Read the rest here...

Q: What would you do if I handed you a squirrel in a sweatshirt?
A: Check her blog for this answer!

Go check out her blog!

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