Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Most Memorable Birthday

Last night's Birthday Blogathon was a whole lot of fun and big success!

I never shared my Most Memorable Birthday like some of you did and I don't really have any particular birthday memory, but I did want to share a little bit on some thoughts I have about birthday celebrations.

I was born on June 30, 1987. I believe it was a Tuesday but my memory is a little fuzzy. The thing about my birthday is it's proximity to a certain national holiday. It is only four short days away from the Fourth of July.

As a kid this meant that my birthday celebrations were often paired up with an outdoor cookout and a heavy arsenal of fireworks.

I do not like fireworks.

It's not clear whether my dislike of fireworks came before or after my parents decided that a big fireworks display is just what my birthday party needed. But to this day, fireworks just aren't my thing. I try to avoid them as much as possible which is a big challenge headed into this July 4th weekend.

At some point in recent history, I finally realized that I didn't have to put up with anything I didn't want when it came to the celebration of my birth. I don't know why I never really grasped this before.

Why didn't anyone just tell me that, for at least one day a year, I could choose exactly what I felt like doing?

It was a simple concept but a pivotal moment. That year forward, my birthdays have been celebrated indoors, in restaurants and cafes that I wanted to go to, with people that I wanted to invite, and without a single firecracker or sparkler in sight.

Last night was no exception. I celebrated with some of my best friends here in Enid at one of my favorite coffee shops, enjoying some excellent coffee and desserts, dinner at one of my favorite late-night restaurants, and a midnight release at the movie theater. I'm so thankful, not just for the opportunity to enjoy my birthday exactly how I want, but to celebrate it with a great company of friends who enjoy many of the same things I do.

And no fireworks.

It just might go down as one of the Most Memorable Birthdays to date.


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Leslee said...

I hate Valentines day almost as bad as you hate fireworks. For simular reasons.