Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Reviews on Route 60

I hope that some of you have had a chance to read the article I posted yesterday on Route 60 Sentinel. If not, take a minute to go check it out...

Route 60 Bites: Donut Shop Showdown
Eric Castillo introduces a new feature on Route 60. This review puts two local donut shops head to head: J's Donuts and Schieber's Donuts & Deli

Anyway, I did a review of some local donut shops which some of you may remember was part of the 24-Hour Blogathon. So if you were wondering why I thought it was so important to make a donut run at four in the morning, this was why.

I'm hoping to continue more of these reviews at Route 60. In fact, I'm thinking of changing out the name from "Route 60 Bites" to "Route 60 Review" to let me explore places other than just restaurants and food places. In fact, I'd like to make one of the future reviews a "Date Night Edition" and review some of the typical date night spots in town.

So any lucky lady up for a free date with a writer?

Come on, I'm talking a nice dinner, a movie, maybe some bowling... Any takers?


the felt bird said...

Great reviews!!
Riley said Schieber's was amazing as well, so I can't wait to try it!!
Can't wait to read more reviews from you over at route 60 sentinel!

The Route 60 Sentinel said...

Great review. Can't wait for more reviews like this over at Route 60. You are a very talented writer.