Saturday, June 04, 2011

Some more Blogathon Bloggers!

Check out some news posts from bloggers  Jess ReNae and Jasie R!

Jess ReNae:

Perfect Enid Day

My good friend Eric Castillo is doing a 24 hour blogathon and I thought I would make my reappearance in the blogging sphere. I lived in Enid my entire life and my entire life I could not wait to leave. I currently live in Tulsa, however I always love going back. So I thought I would describe my perfect Enid day. Keep in mind that in my perfect day, the seasons may vary in one day...

Jasie R:

BLog-A-Thon Update: G&P Bakery

So I hear that one of the stops that the blog-a-thonners are heading to is G&P Bakery! Well, i can't let you go there without suggesting my personal favorite dessert there!! You have got to try the Orange Brownie. is the best by far! SO if she has some baked, get it! You won't be dissappointed! I like them so much that I wrote a rap about them...

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