Friday, June 17, 2011

Update: New position, still writing, half-caff

I figured it's about time for a good, old-fashioned update. Not a whole lot going on but still some things you might want to keep up on.

At work I've put in for a new position. I hate writing about it before a decision has been made but I'm fine with either way it goes. Of course, I'm hoping for the position since it would be a better fit for me overall. It looks promising. We'll see.

I'm still writing like crazy. I have multiple projects going at once which sounds overwhelming but I like the work. It keeps me motivated.

Starting today, I've decided to work on cutting down on caffeine. I don't care to admit that I'm fairly addicted to the stuff but it's gotten to a point that I need to address it. I'm not cutting out cold turkey, but rather just cutting back heavily and making some switches, like ordering a half-caff.

I'll keep this update short and leave you with this from Kicking & Screaming:

Phil Weston: Hi, I'm Phil Weston and this is my son, Sam. I'm new to coffee... I was wondering if you could mix half of the regular version with half of the decaffinated version? 
Beantown Employees: [to coworker, annoyed] Half-caff... 
Beantown Customers: Right, Half-caff. 
Phil Weston: A Half-caff! 
[to Sam] 
Phil Weston: We're gonna have a Half-caff. 
Sam Weston: [to customer] We're gonna have a Half-caff. 
Beantown Customers: [annoyed] Yay. 
Beantown Employees: Half-caff. 
Phil Weston: Thanks. 
[takes a sip, it's way too hot and he drops the coffee] 
Phil Weston: Yowww! Mother of Pearl! 
Beantown Employees: [more pissed now] You shoulda waited for the jacket. 
Phil Weston: Right... I just got too eager. Uh... 
Beantown Employees: [to coworker] 'nother Half-caff! 
Beantown Customers: [more pissed] Right, 'nother Half-caff!

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