Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I Want For My Birthday

My birthday is 16 days away.

My birthday party is exactly two weeks away.

Growing up, my family, especially extended family, had the hardest time picking out my birthday presents. I never had any particular hobbies or specific interests and had a hard time ever making up my mind (which I still do).

I tried to make it easy on people and ask for cash but nobody ever likes that option. So I started telling people that I like music DVDs in hopes they would pick one out I like. Some have had success but I realized it's a challenge to pick out a musician or band that I either liked or didn't already have.

So I've sort of just given up on making suggestions altogether. I'm reaching that unspecified age where gifts don't really happen or matter.

I know it's corny and sappy but what I really want for my birthday is to be with those that matter in my life. On my birthday, I want to be surrounded by family and friends. I'm fortunate that the last few years I've made it a point to make that happen and this year is no different.

This year I'm combining my birthday with a little bit of blogathon fun for a Birthday Blogathon.

It's really just an opportunity to hang out with a bunch of friends at one of my favorite cafes for an evening. And there will be a little bit of blogging for those who want to participate. The theme is "Most Memorable Birthday."

Check out the details on Facebook.

So do you have anything you usually ask for or expect on your birthday? Also, do you have a blog you'd like to include in the blogathon?

Share your thoughts and let me know!

Oh and by the way, Hastings just put The West Wing DVDs on sale and I'm looking to collect anything past Season One. Just saying...


Leslee said...

I usually ask a group of my friends to have lunch with me on my birthday. I always tell them no gifts but they rarely listen to me. But the actual time together laughing and enjoying a great meal is what I want.

Anonymous said...