Monday, July 25, 2011

Oakfest Setlist

I'm supposed to be working on a setlist right now.

It's also been awhile since the last blog.

So I figured I would just combine the two tasks and allow a glimpse into the process of how I choose what grouping of songs I choose to perform when given the opportunity.

The event is Oakfest Play It Forward. It's happening this Saturday, July 30th. It's basically a bunch of bands and musicians strewn around Enid's Oakwood Mall during the height of the Crazy Day sales. I just like it because it's an excuse for me to play guitar. Everyone wins, I guess.

I've had a couple of opportunities now to play on my own but it's still fairly new to me. I usually bring along both an acoustic and electric guitar. I don't sing so I just try to find a bunch of interesting chord progressions that hopefully won't bore everyone to death. Some are actual songs that you might recognize, others are songs that you definitely won't recognize and there are even a few original progressions for songs for which I have long given up on finishing lyrics.

Here's a sample of some songs you might recognize:

  • Bigger Than My Body - John Mayer
  • Hey Soul Sister - Train
  • She's Everything - Brad Paisley
  • No Such Thing - (more) John Mayer
  • Where the Streets Have No Name - U2
  • Why Georgia - (even more) John Mayer

I also throw in some worship songs that people might recognize like Jeremy Camp's "Give You Glory" or I borrow a Sean Gallagher Band original like "Lord I Need You."

To be even more obscure I might go way back to the Freedom album from Darrell Evans released back in 1998 for an instrumental version of one of my favorites, "I Lay Me Down."

Or I'll borrow a progression from a fellow musician right here in Oklahoma. Without asking, I've borrowed Arlis Moon's song "I Want You To Know" from time to time. If he ever reads this, I'm sure he'll forgive me. It's a fair trade for when I housed him and his bandmates during an unexpected stop in Enid due to transportation issues. But to make up for it, you should go order his new EP, Anchors, online:

I also throw in a few jazzy progressions and some other stuff I've made up. It's really a pretty eclectic mix. Country, rock, folk, blues, jazz -- it all gets thrown in there. I literally make a lot of it up as I go. So I'm always open to suggestions. I can't always use them but I like to hear them.

So what would you suggest I throw in the mix? Any requests?


Anonymous said...

Curious...when did you house Arlis and his band mates?

Eric Castillo said...

Hard to remember exactly when but it was almost 2 years ago I think

You're Bestest Friend ever! said...

;) I love the song Shes Everything!