Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A blog like oatmeal

This morning I opted to eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Why? First of all, because oatmeal is stinking delicious. Secondly, I wanted to balance all the late-night junk food I had the prior evening with a healthier morning option.

I wish I had oatmeal more often. Oatmeal is such a great breakfast choice for so many reasons.

According to @ibmelodious on Twitter:
"Oatmeal is the breakfast of champions, and people with lower cholesterol like me :0)"
Here are some ways that I want this blog to be like oatmeal.

It should stick with you all morning. Oatmeal has all that good-for-you fiber that makes you feel fuller for longer. So the blog you read in the morning should stay somewhere in your mind for later that day.

It should be the right consistency. Nobody likes clumpy oatmeal. It also shouldn't be too runny. The right consistency is also important for a blog so you should expect fairly normal posting patterns. I can't make any promises but I'll do what I can to bring you at least a couple of posts a week.

Sometimes it'll be a little nutty. I love to throw some little add-ins to my oatmeal. Dried fruit and nuts and a sprinkle of brown sugar. I've even been known to thin my oatmeal out with a little coffee and I hear apple butter is a good, creamy option. The fun little additions keep it interesting, sort of like some of the posts here.

It keeps things regular. I know this is TMI but we all know that oatmeal's fiber content helps keep things moving. This might be more for me than you but when I blog regularly, it keeps my schedule more consistent and keeps things on track.

It's good for your heart. I know this is a corny correlation but just like oatmeal is heart-healthy, I want some of these posts to speak to your heart. Not every post will be so serious and not every post will speak to you specifically but I hope you find at least one post that really reaches you right where you're at.

These are just a few thoughts and things I'll keep in mind while writing in the future. I hope you like some of the recent changes as I point the blog in a slightly new direction. Here's to future blog posts and to heart-healthy oatmeal.


So how do you like your oatmeal? Any special preparation or add-ins?

Anyone out there that doesn't like oatmeal?

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ibmelodious said...

This blog was worth the wait! I never thought of blogging being like oatmeal...but you have strung that correlation pretty tight here. :0) Great job as usual, Mr. FollowEric. And, for the record, I'm having oatmeal today with apple butter and walnuts.