Thursday, August 04, 2011

New Etown Magazine

The newest Etown Magazine is out!
I'm a little more excited than normal because this one has an article written by yours truly. It's my first chance to write for Etown and it was a great experience and I'm looking forward to more assignments in the future. In fact, the next issue should also have another article I'm working on but that's getting ahead of myself.

This issue's article is called "Abandoned, Not Forgotten" and features the work of John Glaze, a local photographer who works with film to capture photos of abandoned farmhouses in Northwest Oklahoma. It was a really fascinating interview and I hope you take some time to read the article and check out some of the included pictures.

You can buy a copy locally at Jumbo's East or West or at the Enid News & Eagle offices downtown. I picked up my copy last night and have been thumbing through it this morning. Great cover photo by The Grays featuring an article on Lt. Governor Todd Lamb.

And just an early heads up, I've got another article coming up in the next Uncensored Magazine that will come out September 2nd during First Friday.
I've really been enjoying all of these writing opportunities and look forward to more in the future!


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the felt bird said...

Yay! I'm glad you wrote the article about john glaze. I love his photography.

Jolene Gray said...

Thanks for the kind words and the link!