Thursday, September 29, 2011

National Coffee Day!

Why didn't I get any advance notice of the coming of National Coffee Day? Why didn't anyone think to tell me ahead of time? Instead, I had to find out on Twitter late last night. That doesn't give me much time to figure out how I'm going to celebrate. This is practically a religious holiday here at Follow Eric!

So late last night, I mapped out my plan to visit each of the cafes here in Enid. So here I am, sitting at the only Starbucks in Enid, enjoying my first of many cups of coffee today. I'm planning about 90 minutes at each stop, giving me enough time to enjoy Starbucks, Hastings Hardback Cafe, Davinci's Coffeehouse and Kaffee-Klatsch before I go into work this afternoon.
It's gonna be a highly caffeinated day.

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