Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nat'l Coffee Day - Davinci's Coffeehouse

One of my favorite caf├ęs, readers of Follow Eric should know I'm here way too often. So of course I have to come pay a visit on National Coffee Day. It's not like I wasn't going to come here at some point anyway.
I still remember my first visit to Davinci's when I first moved to Enid from Albuquerque years ago. I think it was at the suggestion of Abby or Constance (or maybe both) that I get a frozen Knights in White Satin. One drink and I was hooked. Knights in White is still one of my top favorites but I also like a frozen Hakuna Matata (caramel, vanilla and English Toffee) and for a hot drink I might go for a French Lace (white chocolate, hazelnut an vanilla).


So Enidites and those who have tasted the awesomeness of a Davinci's drink - What's your favorite?

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