Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zero hours of sleep

Last night I managed to get a grand total of zero hours of sleep.

Instead of attaining my goal of eight hours a night, I managed to sit my way through about eight episodes of The West Wing before deciding that sleep was never going to come.

Instead I got dressed, clipped a coupon for some cheap breakfast and took it with me to the cafe for some quality time with a chai latte.

I'm going to continue to blame my interrupted sleep pattern to the recent change in my work schedule. I knew I had all morning to sleep in so I think I subconsciously kept avoiding falling asleep too early, which lasted until about 5 a.m. when I decided breakfast sounded better than sleep. So hopefully I'll be able to pack up from here and catch some sleep before heading to work later.

In the meantime, this interruption in my normal schedule causes me to rethink many other areas of life, including writing and blogging.
As you should know, I'm still planning another Blogathon involving a road trip to Oklahoma City. I'm still writing locally and online, although that has slowed down quite a bit lately. I'm also working on ways to expand my writing to some other non-local outlets. I'm working on ways to produce and organize all of this writing and also include a way to share what I do musically.

These are the kinds of things you end up contemplating in those odd hours of the night when sleep remains evasive.

So I guess this is a way of saying don't be surprised if you see some changes to the site in the future. Or more talk about the upcoming Road Trip Blogathon. Or more writing about music or spiritual matters. Or whatever.

But for now, I'm going back home to sleep.

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ibmelodious said...

Don't you wish your brain just had an "off" switch? If I am awakened by anything at all in the night, I cannot go back to sleep for a long time, because that thing called "thinking" starts up. It usually is problem solving type or planning type thoughts. Not good for sleep!