Monday, October 17, 2011

Blogathon Roundup

As with every Blogathon (all two of them), I like to ask blogger friends of mine to join in the fun with their own blogs. This time around was no different and I had a handful of friends write up a little something to share on the day of the Road Trip Blogathon.

I pitched the theme "Most Memorable Road Trip" and here's a roundup of the responses thus far...

Road Trips: Let's go down memory lane
Katie is one of my favorite bloggers partly because she may be young but she has a great deal of enthusiasm for blogging. Read her share about traveling to Tulsa with her jazz band and the kind of fun that middle schoolers can have on a school road trip.

A Muse
Ponder this.... RoadTrip Honeymoon Adventure
Melodie is a huge asset to my Blogathon adventures. Always a big supporter she also helped design and create the Follow Eric t-shirts that we sported during the Road Trip Blogathon. Check out her company, Reborn Artwear, on Facebook and read her blog about mixing the romantic bliss of a honeymoon with the perils of a road trip. Funny stuff!

Tim's think-a-thon
The Road Trip (For Follow Eric Blogathon)
The infectious fun of blogging is spreading! Tim, who has never blogged before in his life, has started one up just in time for the Road Trip Blogathon. It's a lot of fun for me when I see people get into blogging for the first time. Read about Tim's adventure with his newlywed Melodie getting stranded in the wilderness and encountering a small army of teenage anarchists. It's a great story!

Fresh-Cut Flowers
Road Trip
Leslee, a beloved librarian and avid Blogathon supporter, contributes to the blogging with a collection of ways to have a road trip in style with some pretty wild vehicle options. Check them out on her blog...

Alright, well that's the roundup! If I somehow missed yours I apologize but let me know! And if you haven't gotten around to writing yours yet or still want to join in on the action, I'll still take late submissions all week. By the way, if you contribute you also get a special thank you gift from Follow Eric. So if you have already contributed, do me a favor and send your mailing address to eric(at) and expect some snail mail soon!

Thanks to all the bloggers who contributed!


Terry said...

When is your next Blogathon? I want to be apart. Super cool idea!

Eric Castillo said...

Thanks! We're looking at another one in Nov/Dec. All the details will be up on the blog once they're official but I did just post a little bit about my plans for the next one on today's post.

Tanveer Shah said...

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