Saturday, October 22, 2011

Defeat! My foolhardy attempt at DogTown's hot dog eating contest

I tried my best but nine hot dogs in five minutes just wasn't enough to beat the 10 and a half dogs the winner put down.

Many of you didn't want to see pictures of the event. The good news for those people is that I don't have any pictures. The even better news is that I have VIDEO!

Here you go -- video of DogTown's first annual hot dog eating contest:

It was quite the challenge. I thought I was prepared but about halfway through I realized it wasn't my stomach that was hurting so much as my jaw getting tired from chewing and chewing and chewing. I tried dousing the bread down with water which helped but it just wasn't enough to keep up the pace to win. I fared better than most and losing by only a dog and half isn't bad for my first time trying anything like this. Altogether it was a really fun event at one of the coolest food joints in Enid. If you haven't checked it out yet just do it already! Read more about DogTown on their Facebook page.

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