Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Next Blogathon

Are you guys ready to see more video and pictures from the Road Trip Blogathon?

Well, I am too but we'll have to wait. I'm still piecing together some of the videos and waiting for photo edits. In the meantime, you can catch up on the Youtube videos posted on the Follow Eric channel:

And as if it wasn't enough that we just pulled off the biggest Blogathon to date and still aren't done sharing the whole experience, I've already got the ball rolling on the next one!

You want a teaser? Well, it's no surprise that it will involve coffee. In fact, the whole thing will take place at a favorite cafĂ© of mine. I'm also talking to some musician friends to add a little musical variety. And it will all be for a very good cause I support.

Alright, I've already given away a lot but I just want you to know that the Blogathon is something that I intend to continue in the future. I already have friends who want to pull off a Tulsa Blogathon and, who knows, maybe we'll make our way out of the state one of these days.

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