Saturday, October 15, 2011

RTB - Made it to OKC

Alright, time to catch you guys up on where we're at on this Road Trip Blogathon.

We are making great time so far which has given us a chance to visit some places I didn't think we'd be able to visit.

We made a quick stop in Hennessey and then Kingfisher. With Kingfisher being the birthplace of Sam Walton, I felt it was appropriate for us to make a quick Walmart run. We've got some pictures and video I'll upload later.

Then we stopped for lunch at Eischen's Bar and I've got to say it definitely lived up to the hype. The fried chicken came out super fast, very fresh and extra hot alongside some tasty fried okra and, my personal favorite, extra cheesy nachos.

Since we were ahead of schedule, I got to spend some extra time at Oklahoma Vintage Guitar in El Reno testing out guitars and admiring their impressive selection. Again, we snapped some pictures and I'll post the video later.

Then we headed West to find the Guardian of the Mother Road mural. I heard about this place from Stela and Riley from The Felt Bird (who coincidentally are getting married today!) and I'm really glad they suggested this place. It looks really awesome in person! Here's just one quick shot I took but Kayla has got a ton more we'll share later.

Now we're hitting up Coffee Slingers where I got a very cool looking and great tasting cappuccino served up right here in Downtown OKC. Hopefully we'll have a chance to upload some of the videos while we wait for the cupping at 3 p.m.

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