Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RTB - Plan of action

The Road Trip Blogathon is only DAYS away!

So you would think I've got this whole thing planned down to every minute detail. You would think I've scheduled every last stop at every cafe and restaurant and business and potty break. And the truth is I've scheduled a whole lot of everything but there's still a little wiggle room in the plan. I've left a couple of variables here and there to free things up for the inevitable unscheduled and unexpected.

But for now, here are the highlights of what I've got in mind for the RTB...

Saturday, October 15th

We're starting off bright and early at 7AM for a breakfast send-off at Wee Too in Enid.

We'll hit the road about 8AM out to Waukomis for a little bit of coffee at Little Bit of Seattle.

We'll stop for some photo opportunities on the road in Hennessey and Kingfisher before arriving in Okarche for lunch at Eischen's Bar, known for their fried chicken and for being Oklahoma's oldest bar.

Next stop will be El Reno for a walk around downtown, hitting up Oklahoma Vintage Guitar if we make it before close and stopping to take some pictures at the Guardian of the Mother Road, a huge, colorful mural created by Public Arts Project 66. I can't wait to share those pictures with you.

Then we'll drive into Oklahoma City in time for a 3 o'clock "cupping" at Coffee Slingers. Not sure what a cupping is? You can watch the blog updates that day and we'll show you!

After that, we're going to spend the afternoon exploring the Plaza District. I've never had a chance to go so I'm pretty excited to check out all the local shops. We'll be visiting places like DNA Galleries and Collected Thread and I've got an appointment with Ashley Smith at No Regrets Tattoo to get tatted! OK, so maybe not a real tattoo but I'm pretty proud of the temporary one I'm getting.

Then the rest of the day is fairly unscripted. We'll be finding a place to eat dinner at some point -- somewhere local to be sure. And if we still have time, we'll continue exploring what OKC has to offer.

We'll end with dessert and more coffee at Cuppies & Joe. I hear they've got some great cupcakes and I can always go for some late-night coffee. And that caffeine will also come in handy for the long drive back to Enid that night and return to reality the next day.

I'm getting exhausted just looking at this list but I'm stinking excited for it and hope you are as well!


Which part of the RTB sounds most interesting to you so far?

Have you been to any of these places?

Any suggestions for dinner in OKC?

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