Saturday, October 15, 2011

RTB - Some reflections from Cuppies and Joe

Alright, we're still keeping things moving. We spent a good chunk of our time just wandering around and exploring the Plaza District. Seeing so many really cool local shops all densely connected gives it a palpable sense of community. I'm kind of sad that we missed last night's Plaza District, I'm sure it would've only served to increase that sense of local energy and connection. Even as we were walking around between shops we knew we wanted to come back another time.

We started off visiting Collected Thread which reminded me a lot of The Felt Bird in Enid with all of it's eclectic gifts and accessories. They've also made their mark with a yarn bombing they recently pulled off involving decorating the district with knitted pieces. There are still remnants of knitted yarn covering light poles and bike racks and the like all around.

Right next door was DNA Galleries which also featured many unique gifts and handmade items but also a lot of artwork. Not only were there pieces of framed art for sale on the walls but the same artists had assorted items for sale like buttons and card and such.

While waiting for our tattoo artist to finish up with a client, we checked out Warpaint Clothing next door with their sweet line of clothing for which I am simply not cool enough. Once she was ready, we met up with Ashley Smith at No Regrets Tattoo. Ashley was super friendly and welcoming to our little Blogathon clan and we hung out for a while and I attempted to try out the QR code temporary tattoo. It proved a little tricky to put on but we got a chance to visit with Ashley and some of the No Regrets staff for awhile. They gave pointed us in the right direction to finish exploring the Plaza District and some other places in OKC.

So at that point we finished walking the Plaza District with visits to Dig It and Bad Granny's Bazaar where we found some pretty interesting items. Dig It had a lot of interesting items taken straight out of pop culture and Bad Granny's had a little bit of just about everything. It was sort of like a thrift store on crack. But in a good way. Overall, it was just awesome to walk around and take in so much local community and culture in every shop we visited.

It's nice to take a second to sit here, espresso and cupcake at my side, and reflect on just how much we've done so far and how much more interesting a city can be when it's residents and local merchants take pride in defining their community.

Sitting at Cuppies & Joe. Photo by Kayla Joy Photography.

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Bad Granny's Bazaar said...

We really appreciate you making all of us in The Plaza District a part of your blog and adventures. We hope you found us all receiving of you and your crew and look forward to your returning soon. Thank you, Bad Granny's Bazaar