Monday, October 03, 2011

A visit to Bocadillos

I'm visiting Albuquerque for the weekend to visit family and celebrate my sister's and grandma's birthdays. Whenever I come back home for a visit, I always make sure to make the most of my time and visit all my local favorites, eat all my favorite foods and visit my favorite friends.

I don't know what made me think of it, but I wanted to take time this morning to come visit an old café I haven't been to in years. I used to come here for coffee and to blog going back all the way to 2007, during the first year of this blog. Fast forward four years later and I've moved away and haven't been back to visit this place since.

A lot has changed and a lot hasn't.

Their name has changed from La Plazita Café to Bocadillos. They've set up a Facebook page and added a full menu of food and coffee.

There are still plenty of things that are the same. It's still located in Albuquerque's South Valley. In fact, they're probably still the only full service café on this side of town. They've got plenty of Spanish flair and Mexican culture infused in their space. There's plenty of artwork on display and for sale adorning the walls. Things like wood and metal cross pieces, Catholic-inspired artwork and Southwest-style paintings.

Today there was a small group of guys having some kind of meeting in the corner while a couple of them sat just plucking away at their guitars. It's that kind of atmosphere that I loved about this place even back when it was La Plazita. One time I came years ago, a band had a little pickup rehearsal right there inside the shop. Who needs Pandora or Spotify when you've got some authentic músicos playing right in front of you?

My only regret is forgetting my camera at home to share with all of you.