Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Worship Wednesday, Third Thursday and Pie

One thing I try to keep you guys updated on is the opportunities I have to play music. They don't come as often as they used to but that only helps me appreciate each one even more.

This week I've got back-to-back events I'm pretty excited about.

The first is a community worship night happening tomorrow night. It's being held at Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse of all places. I was pretty excited when Jared McClellan invited me out to play for this event. I like it when local believers in Enid can come together from area churches for events like this. I like it even more when I get the chance to play! I really miss playing weekly but opportunities still seem to find me from time to time.

Oh, and I hear there's gonna be pie afterward so that makes it all worth it.

Then there's Thursday night which just happens to be the Third Thursday of the month -- that means Turpin Tunes at the Gaslight Theatre. I've been to a few of these events and had a great experience every time. It's just a warm, inviting and intimate atmosphere where anyone prepared to take the stage with a guitar can do so.

So that's what I plan on doing this Thursday. My friend, Shantel, has a great Paramore song picked out and Kayla, who you might remember from the Road Trip Blogathon, will join her to sing harmony on "The Only Exception."

Kayla is all for getting up and performing but Shantel is pretty nervous about singing in front of people so if you can make it Thursday I would encourage you to get out your cameras and form your own cheering section just to make her feel extra special.

I don't think she has anything to be nervous about because I've heard her in practice and I know she's got it down. I'm really looking forward to it as much as I'm looking forward to Wednesday night's community worship event.

If you're in Enid and interested in coming to either event, here's the rundown:

Night of Worship
Wednesday, November 15th
7PM - Leonardo's (2nd floor)
Facebook event page

Turpin Tunes
Thursday, November 16th
8PM - Gaslight Theater
Check out this post for more info on Third Thursday

Paramore - The Only Exception from BAB on Vimeo.

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