Friday, December 16, 2011

Book review: Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to get my hands on a copy of "Start Something That Matters," a book from TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie. I can honestly say I loved this book. I wasn't fully expecting something like this to inspire me but it truly did. And the best part is, now I get to give a copy away to a lucky Follow Eric reader!

The details for the giveaway will be up on the blog soon so in the meantime you can watch this video and check out my review on Amazon.

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I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but, by the end of it, I realized the title summed it up pretty well. It's all about starting something that matters through entrepreneurship in the way that Blake Mycoskie has managed through his shoe company, TOMS. Mycoskie postulates that charity and giving have their place even in a for-profit venture. Businesses, companies, and regular people should treat giving as integral in their lives and not just an afterthought.

Mycoskie has the proof in the pudding. Through the TOMS' One for One model, they're able to give to those in need what is purchased through their company. Whether it's their trademark canvas shoes or providing sight with the purchase of their sunglasses, they're giving in tremendous amounts. That also includes giving a book away for every copy of "Start Something That Matters" purchased.

If that's not reason enough to buy the book, you'll be inspired by the stories and principles shared in this relatively quick read. I was surprised how much I got out of the book. I wouldn't consider myself an entrepreneur but while reading chapter after chapter, I was continuously challenged to think bigger than myself. If you have that entrepreneurial spirit already inside you, then this is a great way to help you harness that into ensuring a larger impact than just a bigger bottom line. And for those who want to make a difference in the world, this will only serve to further your desire and may even spark new ideas for ways to make what you love your livelihood.

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