Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RTB Recap - Eischen's Bar

On my way to Oklahoma City tonight, I made an unplanned dinner stop at Eischen's Bar.

This sudden and unexpected stop took me way back to the Road Trip Blogathon and our stop in Okarche for a visit to Eischen's Bar.

Eischen's is also famous for being Oklahoma's oldest bar but they're best known for their awesome fried chicken.

When we first visited Eischen's all the way back in October for the Blogathon, we ordered up a trifecta of fried chicken, fried okra and nachos.

The food came out really fast, hot and fresh. I totally recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it yet. It's an Oklahoma culinary experience you've gotta try at some point.

And take some friends with you...

Here's a quick video shot during the Road Trip Blogathon. Stay tuned to Follow Eric for more RTB Recaps in the future. And big thanks to Kayla Joy Photography for awesome pictures.


So how many of you have ever been to Eischen's?
Did you like the chicken?
Try the nachos?
Did I mention how much I love nachos?

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