Thursday, December 08, 2011

Soles4Souls Blogathon Thanks

This past weekend was the Blogathon for a Cause: Soles4Souls Shoe Drive and I just want to take a minute to thank everyone who helped out in pulling off a very fun event for a good cause.

First of all, thanks to Davinci's Coffeehouse for hosting the event and offering a very generous discount to everyone who brought in shoes.

Thanks to the Enid Running Club for their ongoing support of Soles4Souls and for offering to ship the shoes collected on Saturday.

Thanks to the musicians - Raquel Carlson, Duncan Mathew and Corey Keller. You guys rock!

Thanks to everyone who participated online in any way - either by retweeting, sharing things on Facebook and especially if you tuned in for the live Ustream feed.

And finally, huge thanks to everyone who brought in shoes. That's what this whole event is all about and, thanks to you, someone in some part of the world will receive shoes where they might otherwise not have a pair.

And an extra thanks to Soles4Souls for making that possible.

Stay tuned to Follow Eric for some more exciting events and giveaways in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for reading!

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