Sunday, January 15, 2012

Planning 33 Acts of Kindness

I had lunch today with a good friend and fellow blogger, Leslee (Fresh-Cut Flowers). The purpose of our meeting was to strategize and plan a list of "acts of kindness." Our goal is to reach at least 33 acts to perform in one day.

Why 33?

Because that's how many years Leslee will be celebrating in February and this is how she wishes to commemorate her birthday.

Since Leslee's such a good friend and I'm always up for a Blogathon-style day of fun, I'm all in for this creative birthday celebration.

We've got a good start on our list of planned activities. We're working on more. We've got things like...

  • Paying for a stranger's coffee
  • Gathering stray carts in a parking lot
  • Making donations to various charities
  • Handing out homemade baked goods

You get the idea? Good, cause we could use more suggestions if you've got them!

Finding 33 acts of kindness is a challenge but it's not the hardest part. The hardest part will be picking the best feasible options and coordinating one Saturday to execute them all. It'll be difficult but it'll be fun and, in the end, totally worth it.

And on the off chance that you can help out either in person that day or if you have a business that could make a donation, please let me know. We're looking for simple gifts, food items or gift cards to give to those who would benefit from a stranger's kindness -- like military families, single parents and the elderly. [Email me at eric(at)]

So what are some suggested acts of kindness you think we could pull off on a Saturday in Enid?

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ibmelodious said...

Send a note to someone who doesn't often get recognition to let them know they are important to you and your community. I usually do this at Christmas for people like my Pharmacist, Dog Groomer, Doctor's office staff, school janitor, etc. Someone who does any support type job, including someone who is a good mom or a good dad to a kid you care about is likely a person who doesn't often get encouragement or kudos. It really means alot to people to know they are appreciated.

These don't have to be hand can mail them that day.