Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's missing? More writing.

You know what's been missing from this blog lately?

It hasn't been a stream of activity. It hasn't been a lack of giveaways or contests or events. It hasn't been a Blogathon.

This blog has been missing writing.

And I've missed writing, too.

So at least for this moment, I've chosen to sit down with a hot cup of coffee and a little time before work to share some words with you.

I want to make you a simple promise: More writing.

I'll still have events and contests and, yes, even another Blogathon is in the works, but I will not neglect the core aspect of quality writing that I feel was here in greater quantity before.

I've finally sent off the copy of "Start Something That Matters" that Steph won and I've got a Blogathon-style event in February that I'm helping a dear librarian friend out with. I've got big changes and new opportunities in the horizon in my offline life and that will help shape the future of Follow Eric. But for now I stick to my promise...

More writing.

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