Thursday, February 09, 2012

Upcoming - 33 Acts of Kindness

Birthdays. Unless you're a poor, unfortunate soul born on February 29th on a leap year, then you get one birthday a year. So what are you gonna do with that one, singular event celebrating your birth each year?

If you're like my friend, Leslee, you're going to take it from being a day about yourself and turn it into a day full of random acts of kindness, selflessness and general thinking of others.

For her 33rd birthday, Leslee is celebrating with 33 Acts of Kindness.

We'll be all over Enid starting with an early meet-up at Davinci's Coffeehouse and on to a whole mix of locations. You can check out her blog for all the locations we'll be visiting throughout the day here.

I'm looking forward to a few like leaving quarters for people at the laundromat or money for a drink taped to a soda machine. We'll also be making donations like shoes to Soles4Souls and clothes to Hope Outreach.

So in Leslee's honor, I'm asking Follow Eric readers to take this Saturday, February 11th, to join us with their own acts of kindness. Find at least one thing to make someone else's day better - whether it's spending quality time with someone, giving away baked goods, making a donation to a local charity or whatever else you can think up. Then share your pictures and stories here on the blog or on the Follow Eric Facebook page. Thanks!

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