Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet the Tulsa Blogathon Crew

Before we embark on our next Blogathon adventure in Tulsa, I want you to meet some of the crew that's going to help me pull it all off. These are a few friends of mine, all of them originally hailing form Enid, who have been drawn in by the allure of T-Town and have been living there for a few years now.


The Designer
Cody Jensen
Favorite place to eat is The Brook
Shops at Must Stash and Black Optical

The Bookworm
Loves the $3 burgers at McNellie's
Enjoys shopping at Ida Red Boutique and Must Stash

The Photographer
Jess ReNae

The Party
Shops at the Cherry Street Farmer's Market
Likes to eat at Keo, Cosmo Cafe and Ted's Cafe Escondido
Enjoys coffee at Shades of Brown

I know I'm in very good hands with these four individuals. They know Tulsa in and and out and will be my guides all three days of the Blogathon. There's truly no way I could pull this off without their help and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for being such willing participants in this experiment.

I can't wait to join them in T-Town in just a few days!!