Monday, March 05, 2012

Things I want to do before I leave Enid

As you should know based on a previous post, I'll be moving from Enid, Oklahoma to Albuquerque, New Mexico at the end of the month.

Today was officially my last day at work so I've been thinking about all of the things I want to accomplish while I'm still here in Enid. Here are just a few...

Write every day.
It's simple. Whether it's my blog or a magazine article or poetry or just a free flow, I want to make sure I take time every single day to write. Which flows right into my next goal...

Finish my writing portfolio.
I've had more opportunities to write while in Enid than I ever would have staying in Albuquerque. I've written for a couple of magazines and a local news blog and I've started compiling the best published pieces for my own writing portfolio. I have another article you can look for coming out in the next E-town Magazine.

Get in shape.
I may not be able to get down to my ideal weight or my peak physical performance, but I've got enough to work on it. I've got plenty of free time to take advantage of the last month of my gym membership and I plan on taking full advantage of it. Especially if I want to accomplish my next goal...

Run a 5K.
Actually, I want to run three in all. There's one being held at the end of the month downtown and another that my church, Enid First Assembly, is hosting. And then there's the St. Patrick's Day Run in Tulsa that I plan to take on with my friend, Jess. It'll be a first for both of us. And it'll also help me pull off yet another goal...

Host another Follow Eric Blogathon.
The next Blogathon will happen St. Patrick's Day weekend and the 5K is just one part of it. We'll be all over Tulsa the entire weekend. Make sure to join the Facebook event page for more info.

Find true love.
I decided to take this one off the list. It might just be too lofty of a goal to meet. Instead, I think I'll just finish all seven seasons of The West Wing.


So what would be on your list? If you had one month and no job, what would you want to accomplish?


Cody Jensen said...

I like the find true love idea, but watching West Wing is fine too I guess.

Eric Castillo said...

What can I say? I've fallen in love with The West Wing!