Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tulsa Blogathon - Day Two

We've come to the end of day number two of three of the Tulsa Blogathon.

With St. Patrick's Day festivities dominating our schedule, today was super jam-packed. We managed to see, eat and do so much from morning until night that it would be impossible to share it all right here, right now.

That's why I'm super grateful for Jess ReNae Photography capturing so many great moments on camera. And big thanks to Cody Jensen for stepping up to help as well. We'll be able to take the photos they've taken and the video I've captured to retell the stories from today and the whole weekend. If you want a couple of sneak peeks, I suggest checking out Cody's Tumblr for some glimpses into the Blogathon fun.

For now, here's a look at how we started the day - running a 5K!

Jess and I running our faces off

I beat my personal goal!

After the race. Feeling pretty accomplished.
There will be plenty more in the future. Look for Tulsa Blogathon Recaps in upcoming posts on Follow Eric to see us exploring some great Tulsa shops like Must Stash and Ida Red and hopping between St. Patrick's Day parties on Cherry Street and the Blue Dome District downtown and a whole lot more.

I suggesting taking a second to learn how to keep up with the newest Follow Eric posts on the Following Follow Eric page.

Alright, bedtime! I've got church not once, but twice tomorrow. at 8:30AM and then CityChurch at 10:30. Looking forward to both!

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