Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tulsa Blogathon - where we're going

I can't believe how fast March is flying by! Before we know it, the Tulsa Blogathon will be upon us.

It's crazy to think that I haven't been doing these events for even a full year. It's crazy to think that they even happen at all. It started with a stray thought, a creative notion, to see how much of a town we could explore in 24 hours. Now, it's built into road trips and taking on other cities and finding local businesses and dining at local restaurants and drinking coffee of the local cafes and so much more.

So I hope it's with some momentum that we take on our next target.

That means you, Tulsa.

Here are some of the places and events we've added to the list so far...

Whew! That's the list so far! It keeps changing and growing so my apologies if we cannot make it to every single place but hopefully we can pull it off and more! We've got all of St. Patrick's Day weekend to try. So mark your calendars for March 16-18 or, better yet, join the Facebook event page. If you can make it in person, that's great! But if not, you can still join the page and follow along through Facebook and through Twitter: @FollowEricBlog.


So, any of these places that catch your eye?
Any that you've tried before?

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Cody Jensen said...

I'm really excited to check out the St. Patricks day street parties! This will be our first year to join in to the festivities!