Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tulsa Memory - Andolini's Pizzeria

If today's recap from the Tulsa Blogathon doesn't make your mouth water, you may need to get your salivary glands checked by a medical professional.

That's because we're taking a look back at a memorable meal we had on Cherry Street during the hustle and bustle of St. Patrick's Day. We're looking at our lunch at Andolini's Pizzeria.

When looking for food places for a Blogathon, I often turn to social media for suggestions. I scour Facebook and throw out questions on Twitter to help me find good, local dining options.

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard back from @andopizza on Twitter inviting us to come dine at their pizzeria while I was in Tulsa.

Taking their open invitation, we made lunch plans for St. Patrick's Day during the Blogathon. I'm so glad we did. We had such a great time enjoying the great weather and outdoor seating, listening to the overflow of music coming from the festivities on Cherry Street, and grubbing on some dang good pizza and downright delectable garlic knots.

Eric studying the menu at Andolini's Pizzeria on Cherry Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the Tulsa Blogathon. Photo by Jess ReNae Photography

I'm not really sure why I look so deep in thought while studying the menu. I already knew exactly what I wanted. It's what everyone told us to get...

A shot of the menu at Andolini's Pizzeria on Cherry Street featuring the S.P.Q.R.

The S.P.Q.R. comes covered in ricotta, garlic, italian sausage and prosciutto. Absent any red sauce, you could really taste the high quality of the ingredients. The slices were huge and the pie was more than enough to feed our party of six.

The S.P.Q.R. pizza from Andolini's Pizzeria on Cherry Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo by Jess ReNae Photography

Of course, it helped that we started out our meal with an awesome appetizer. We couldn't properly dine at Andolini's without first ordering up some of their famous garlic knots.

Garlic knots from Andolini's Pizzeria on Cherry Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo by Jess ReNae Photography

I'm not going to suggest you order the garlic knots if you visit Andolini's. I'm going to require you to order these as an appetizer. It's seriously a must. If you can't tell from the picture, garlic knots are twisted bits of cooked dough, seasoned up and dusted with parmesan sitting in a shallow pool of olive oil. We started our meal with two orders of knots and they were quickly devoured.

So next time you're in Tulsa, I strongly recommend Andolini's Pizzeria as a great, local dining option. Check out their locations and full menu online at andopizza.com.


Stela said...

The food looks AMAZING!! We'll definitely be trying it out next time we're there.

Mandy Vavrinak said...

Thanks for sharing the pics... food porn is the best!