Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tulsa Memory - Blue Dome District

You can learn a lot about a community by the art on its walls.

So when we were wandering around Downtown Tulsa during the Blogathon, it was easy to place the Blue Dome District for the vibrant and thriving community it is.

For example...

Meet JoeBot. He's a pretty cool robot by all accounts plus he has his own coffee bar.

That coffee bar sits inside of Dwelling Spaces, a fun and eclectic gifts and accessories boutique on the corner of 2nd and Detroit.

Dwelling Spaces reminds me a lot of The Felt Bird in Enid, and for good reason. Stela actually interned at Dwelling Spaces before opening her shop in Enid.

(Side note to Stela: You guys need coffee in your shop! I vote to call it Dexter's Cafe. Boom.)

Once inside, I ordered an iced americano from JoeBot's and took time browsing around the shop. I had a good look at all of the interesting "mouths" on the wall -- the handiwork of artist David Bizarro.

That's just one of the awesome things about Dwelling Spaces. You can see just how much they love to support art and its creators, especially local artists.

Speaking of local, Cody found this little gem based on one of Tulsa's famous musical exports:

Another great find was all of the Public Arts Project 66 items for sale. I found this sweet postcard of the mural we visited during the Road Trip Blogathon back in October 2011.

"Guardian of the Mother Road" in El Reno, OK

Lucky for us, Dwelling Spaces sits just across the street from the first mural in the series and, lucky for you, we snapped a couple of shots.

See? Even more awesome wall art. Because Blue Dome is an awesome community. Enough said.


I'll have more recaps from the Tulsa Blogathon coming soon and hopefully quickly. In the meantime, check out these pages on Facebook:

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