Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tulsa Memory - St. Patty's Day on Cherry Street

This past weekend was the Tulsa Blogathon. It was also St. Patrick's Day on Saturday so you better believe we incorporated a party or two in there.

They were easy enough to find. In fact, two of them were right on the same street.

Cherry Street.

We started out at the party in front of SMOKE. On Cherry Street. As you can see, we had a plethora of tickets good for food and drinks at the outdoor tents. We had enough for me, Abby, Sarah, Cody and Jess to indulge in plenty of Frito pie, brisket, brats and funnel cakes and there were a ton of tickets left over thanks to the generous Groupon deal we found.

After grubbing, we headed down Cherry Street to check out the other party happening outside of Kilkenny's. It was close enough that you could easily see one party from the other.

As should be expected from an Irish Pub, they also had a huge party going on and tents set up with more food, drinks and live music.

Altogether, Cherry Street was one of the best places to be on St. Patrick's Day. Nothing says party like shutting down the streets for some good food, drinks and live music.

Cheers to that!


Expect more Tulsa Memories, including more photos from Jess ReNae Photography in future posts.

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