Monday, April 09, 2012

Alone time. What's yours like?

A soy americano. A cookie on a platter. A corner in a cafe.

This is what alone time for me looks like. At least today. Most days, in fact.

For me, alone time holds a place more important than a simple luxury. Time spent alone allows me to clear my head, space out my thoughts, get them down on paper or my blog, and enjoy some uninterrupted peace without external pressures. And now that I'm living with an average of eight people and a dog, time away secures my sanity.

Everyone needs alone time.

My Oklahoma friends and I would play this great game called "What's Yours Like?" where all but one player are shown a card with a subject on it. It might say something simple like "Your Bedroom" and people would describe their own.

Messy. Small. Blue. Etc.

Still not getting it? Here's a horribly campy video to explain.

Eventually you give enough clues for the person to guess but not before making it tricky and more than a little fun.

So if I were to ask you to describe your idea of alone time, what would you say?

Does it include a beverage of some kind? Maybe music? Indoors? Outdoors?

What's yours like?

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KatieJoye said...

I saw this today and realize I have more than one. My normal is on my couch with the History channel going as loud as it can go. That's in the winter though.

I realize my summer getaway is the pond at Crosslin Park since I'm dragged to baseball games by my folks. It's really nice though to walk around for hours by that pond. There's a lot of 'unknown' animal activity out there.