Thursday, April 12, 2012

Local Lunches - Bocadillos

Today I visited Bocadillos right here in Albuquerque's South Valley. It's a re-visit, really. I came here on one of my visits back home not too long ago. Today I came in for just a little refreshment. But while I was sipping on my Italian soda, I watched order after order coming out and the temptation was just too great.

I gave in and ordered their lunch special: a Roast Beef Bocadillo.

Roast Beef Bocadillo and red chili chips from Bocadillos in Albuquerque

This picture doesn't do it justice but that's one heck of a roast beef sandwich sitting there. But you can't just get roast beef in the Valley. It's spiced up with some peppers and I chose red chili chips as the side. They're fried up and then dusted with red chili powder for even extra kick on the side. Luckily, they have some sweetened green iced tea to cool you down.

Sweetened green iced tea from Bocadillos in Albuquerque

And if the iced tea doesn't do the trick, you can always go back to enjoying your Italian soda.

A Strawberry Italian Soda from Bocadillos in Albuquerque

I may have just gone in with the intention of having a quick refreshment but I stayed until the very last bite. I can definitely see myself going back. Often.

An empty plate after a lunch at Bocadillos in Albuquerque

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