Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Local Lunches - Satellite Coffee

When I think of Satellite Coffee, I usually think of... coffee. And dang good coffee at that. So along with my Americano today, I decided to also order their Rise and Shine.

It looks simple enough. A generously sized English muffin with fluffy scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese melted on top. But between those layers is the ingredient that makes this breakfast sandwich jump out at me.

It has green chile turkey sausage with bits of green chile cooked right in! It instantly turns an already tasty sandwich into a classic New Mexican dish. Technically, it would better fall in the category of breakfast, but I think it makes a pretty good local lunch.

For a full menu and locations, check out satcoffee.com.


I'm also looking for your suggestions on where to find good, local lunch specials in Albuquerque. Send your suggestions to eric(at)followeric.com or send a message to my Facebook page.


1 comment:

Rachael said...

I freaking love the Rise and Shine! It's got me through countless finals and rough mornings. Those Flying Star English Muffins are...spectacular to say the very least.

But the salsa...not my thing.

You're making me hungry!