Sunday, April 08, 2012

My Sneezy Easter

It's with a huge sigh of relief that I can sit down this late Sunday evening -- Easter Sunday -- and type out this blog.

You see, I've been offline for the last five days.

I left out of town on Wednesday for a family outing somewhere near Lordsburg, New Mexico to camp out, meet up with extended family and celebrate Easter by gorging out on camp food.

This is the part where I post all the pictures of us camped out in our trailer, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, riding four-wheelers and hiding Easter eggs.

Instead, I have nothing. No pictures and hardly any solid recollection of the trip.

I managed to enjoy one full day of camping before, either due to allergies or exhaustion or an infection, I hit a wall and crashed.

I spent most of my time inside the trailer, huddled under blankets, too dizzy to stand, and only coming out a handful of times the rest of the weekend.

I thought it was a cold or something but I'm starting to think I may have developed some allergies for the first time in my life -- especially considering my watery eyes, runny nose and lingering sneezing.

Oh, joy.

(Speaking of sneezing, it can be hazardous to your health. Go way back to this post from 2008 to learn about the dangers of sneezing.)

Well, I certainly hope you fared better with your Easter weekend. And to you allergy sufferers out there: I'm feeling your pain tonight!

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