Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Field Trip - El Rancho De Las Golondrinas

I headed North on Interstate 25 toward Santa Fe today for my little brother's field trip. I don't think it's a big secret that I sign up for these trips so I can get out of the house and relive my childhood.

Today's destination: El Rancho De Las Golondrinas

I vaguely remember going there when I was in elementary school but I didn't have a good recollection of what was there. What we found when we got there was a trip back in time to Spanish colonial days, and this ranched-turned-museum had tons to see and lots of demonstrations to show what life was like back in 18th and 19th centuries.

Here are some of the sights from around the ranch.

Blacksmiths at work

Baking bread

Grinding corn for tortillas

It was pretty insightful to see how much work went in to making day-to-day life possible. Pretty crazy stuff. You can learn more about the ranch on their website: golondrinas.org

I'll be posting additional photos on Facebook.

Well, the school year is ending so I probably won't be tagging along for any field trips for a little bit but I've got some big things planned for the summer. And by big, I mean huge. By huge, I mean gigantic. You'll see.

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