Thursday, May 31, 2012

A guy walks into the dentist's office

Wanna hear a joke?

A guy walks into the dentist's office. He leaves with three fewer teeth.

Not funny? Yeah, it wasn't funny when it happened to me today either.

I wasn't expecting to actually have any work done today but the dentist insisted it was necessary to relieve the pain.

It's incredible how much pain is necessary to take away pain.

I guess I only have myself to blame for not taking care of things sooner. I hope to be fully recovered as soon as possible -- and definitely before the summer shoe drive starts on June 11th.

So in the meantime, I'm downing cups of soup and sucking on bread dipped in milk. Here's to a speedy recovery...


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Darby McClintock said...

For what it's worth mate, you should never take a blame on your self for what your dentist has to do. As a dentist west ashley sc myself, it is always what you can look forward to with a bright smile that matters the most. Cheer up. ;)

Jacks12 said...

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