Saturday, June 16, 2012

Around Town - ABQ CashMob #3

Man, today was a good day. It was one of those days where all the pieces fall together beautifully. The online world intersected with the real world, social media gave way to social interaction, and locals met with other locals to support local business.

I'm talking about the ABQ CashMob and today third organized meet-up. Friends of the organizers and folks like me who found them online met for food and drinks at Kelly's Brew Pub in Nob Hill.

Members of the ABQ CashMob meet at Kelly's Brew Pub in Nob Hill in Albuquerque, New Mexico
We gathered in the outdoor seating area, ordering food and getting our "Official Participant" buttons. The buttons not only helped us identify fellow "mobbers" but they also meant a discount on our meal.

Reuben Sandwich at Kelly's Brew Pub in Nob Hill in Albuquerque, New Mexico

So I ordered up a couple of sandwiches -- a Reuben and an Albuquerque Turkey -- and an order of onion rings to share. I was super excited when my order came with a side of fries -- both regular and sweet potato mixed together. I'm a huge sweet potato fry fiend so I dug in immediately. The Reuben was excellent and the green chili on the Turkey was pretty spicy and altogether yummy. The onion rings were a big hit in part because of the tasty ranch provided for dipping. I would absolutely come back after today's meal.

And there's a good chance I will since I've signed up for the 505 Project's challenge to buy local for 30 days. Mobbers who signed up today received a little card for their keychain good for discounts at some local businesses. I have mine ready to go!

505 Project key tag

After eating, we crossed the street to the top secret location: Birdland! Conveniently located a stone's throw away from Kelly's, the mob descended on Birdland's eclectic selection of costumes, jewelry, accessories and whatnot.

Members of the ABQ CashMob meet at Birdland in Nob Hill in Albuquerque, New Mexico to shop and support local business

If you've never been a part of a Cash Mob, go, find one now. Wherever you're at. They're a ton of fun, you meet new people, go to new places, end up buying fun things, and you support local business.

That's like a win times five.

To be a part of the next ABQ CashMob event, like them on Facebook for the latest news.

You can also find the 505 Project on Facebook.

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