Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dessert First

Some nights you just want dessert.

Tonight my sweet tooth kicked in and wouldn't quit, even though I hadn't even eaten dinner yet. Try as I would to ignore it, all I really wanted was some frozen yogurt.

Since I'm still in the middle of the 505 Project's 30 Day Challenge, it was important to find someplace local.

I immediately knew where to go.

I got in the car and headed up Central to Nob Hill for some froyo from Olo Yogurt Studio.

Olo is such a great place. Sitting amidst the bustle of Nob Hill, it's locally-owned and serving up some of the best tasting yogurt I've ever had.

After a little choco-vanilla swirl, some Cocoa Krispies for texture, a few cookie dough pieces, my sweet tooth craving was fulfilled. Not to mention the yogurt covered pretzel and biscochitoI mean, where else but in New Mexico are you going to have biscochito as a topping option?

After my froyo consumption, I headed out for a walk up and down Nob Hill. The weather was great and there was a good amount of activity all across Central but all that walking got me hungry again. And for actual food this time.

So my sister suggested Dion's and we splurged on a little late-night pizza binge. We tried The Napoli, one of their gourmet pizza options. Definitely recommend it.

Well it wasn't my healthiest of evening meals but it sure was good.

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