Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dump the Pump!

Today is National Dump the Pump Day -- a day to leave your car at home in favor of public transportation.

It's not only good practice for our environment but I've really grown to enjoy the experience of riding the bus. I like passing through parts of town I might not normally travel and riding alongside people I might not normally meet.

When I was attending the University of New Mexico, I used the bus from time to time. It was free for all UNM students (I'm sure it still is) so I would occasionally opt to hop the bus to school.

What I hated the most about public transportation was planning my route. But now I found that Albuquerque's transit system plays very well with Google. All I have to do is plot my start and end points and Google figures out the rest.

It's a thing of beauty. Here's the route I took today.

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I made it to my destination in time for some morning coffee quite efficiently with minimal time waiting at the bus stop. And it only costs $2.00 for a full day pass. So with the money I saved, I could afford to upgrade to the Venti Caramel Latte at Java Joe's.

Absolutely worth it.

Do you have ever take advantage of public transportation?

How about alternatives like bike riding or walking?


Anonymous said...

I live downtown and take the bus from Alvarado to meet my friends at Tractor brewing or to see a play at the Vortex. Alot of times, I just walk home.

Eric Castillo said...

That's one reason why I'd love to live in or near downtown :-)