Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Local Lunches - Waco's Tacos

I've started making a habit of driving around town aimlessly.

I don't know if you can call it a habit after the second instance but twice this week I've gotten in my car and headed out with no particular destination in mind. It's a very liberating experience but it comes at the cost of gas and the risk of ending up somewhere undesirable.

Fortunately, today's venture didn't take me too far away and the ultimate destination turned out mostly good.

I ended up cruising along Central, keeping an eye on either side of the street for anything that might catch my attention. This is what did...

Actually, what really caught my attention was their advertised $5 special. Two tacos and a drink sounded pretty good to me so I pulled over, dropped a buck into the parking meter, and crossed the street to check out what Waco's Tacos was all about.

The bright decor that caught my attention outside carried through inside. For some, it might be a bit much, but I was looking for a break from the ordinary so it was just right.

I followed up with what I saw on the sign outside and ordered up two beef soft tacos and a Diet Coke.

The tacos were pretty good and the hot sauce was outstanding. I'm glad I opted for the extra hot. It helped give the tacos a good boost of flavor and made for good dipping with the provided chips.

I hear this place is open late for the downtown night owls which makes a lot of sense. And with two dollar tacos, I can see the allure. But for me, it served as a nice alternative from the usual restaurants I frequent.

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