Friday, June 29, 2012

It might be a quarter-life crisis

I reach a milestone tomorrow. I'll turn a quarter century old. Which means today's my last day to live footloose and fancy-free.

Unfortunately, I still have yet to watch Footloose. Not the 1984 original or 2011 re-release. I also haven't seen Garden State, High Fidelity, Lost in Translation or 500 Days of Summer -- all movies based on quarter-life crises.

I doubt I'll have time today to watch even one of those movies prior to my 25th birthday tomorrow. Instead, I'll be collecting the last of the shoes from the Soles4Souls shoe drive, visiting Bocadillos one last time before they close their South Valley cafe, and continuing the arduous task of securing each and every shoe with a rubber band.

While I do it, I'll probably have Room for Squares playing in the background and ask myself questions like, "Am I living it right?"

It might be a quarter-life crisis or just the stirring in my soul...

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