Monday, July 16, 2012

505 Project 30 Day Challenge - The End

We have officially reached the end of the 30-Day Challenge. Big thanks to the 505 Project for putting this together and encouraging people to shop local. There are so many places I found over the last month that I might not have otherwise visited and I've picked up some really good habits for staying conscience of locally-owned businesses.

To celebrate the success of the challenge, the 505 Project threw together a lunch event at Marble Brewery. They had live music and a good turnout on the patio. I had never been to Marble before but I'm sure I'll be back at some point.

The project organizers invited three local food trucks -- Safari Grill, Chicken n' Chiles, and Good Food Eat Here -- to ensure a bountiful and locally-sourced lunch for everyone. For just $15.00, participants received three samples of ale from Marble Brewery and three tickets to spend at the food trucks.

Here's how I spent my lucky tickets.

Everyone received a tray full of ales.
I'm not much of a beer drinker so I just had a few sips to compare the flavor of each ale.
First up: Safari Grill. A duo of skewered meats -- beef and chicken. Best part was the darker sauce with its sweet onset and mellow heat finish.
Next up: Chicken n Chiles. I ordered their recommended green chile chicken cheeseburger and was not disappointed when this giant burger came out. I couldn't even finish it by myself!
I have to stop and rave for a second on the fantastic finish to my food truck meal. I spent my last ticket on the Good Food Eat Here truck. As evidenced by my previous meal picks, I am not a vegetarian and definitely not vegan, yet my favorite part of the meal came from a truck specializing in raw vegan and hot vegetarian food.

I was intrigued by their dessert menu and ordered a raw-cacao cookie. Unfortunately for everyone else, I took their last one. Since one cookie wasn't a full order, the Good Food folks threw in a raw pear-apple crumble. First of all, the cookie was seriously bomb. I only wish I had more than one! The picture does it no justice. It is not nearly as small as it looks. And it's packed tight with gooey and nutty flavor combos.

As for the pear-apple dish, I'm not normally a fan of pears. But the presentation reminded me of french fries so I figured it was worth the shot. I'm now a pear fan. Especially if it comes cut up in sticks, paired with apples, and tossed in some crumbly mixture topped with a sweet glaze.

It was a great end to the meal but it doesn't mark the end of my commitment to shopping local. I'm still on a quest for local restaurants and businesses to visit.

If you have any suggestions for local places I should check out, let me know. You can connect with me on Facebook or shoot me an email to eric(at) anytime.

And connect with Good Food Eat Here while you're at it...

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Stela said...

What a cool challenge! And all that food looks amazing!